Covid-19 Update: Sep 15, 2020

We want to assure our players that we are taking all necessary steps to keep our players and staff safe. You can view our current protocols HERE. We have had to suspend Drop-IN play on Fridays & Saturdays in order to adhere to current Alberta Health Guidelines and contact tracing protocols. We will update here if/when Drop-IN play is allowed to resume.

If you have any questions, concerns, general feedback or would like to make a booking, please feel free to contact us via email:

We can’t wait to see you!

Day to day, ACTIVR is managed and operated by my wife and I, Nadyne & Dustin Saxton. However, it wouldn’t be possible without the generous support from the rest of the Volleydome team as well as our many VR partners & developers. You might be thinking “why is a Volleyball facility running virtual reality?”. It’s a fair question that requires a bit of explanation…

The Volleydome has been around since 1994. Back then my parents, the founders of the Volleydome, were focused on teaching and nurturing a community of Volleyball players. Over the last 26 years, however, our goal has developed. When our second facility opened in 2018, we decided to call it the GYM. You might not know this, but GYM is actually an acronym for our mission: to “Get You Moving”. Whether you’re an adult, a senior, or a child, it can be difficult to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle. As the only non-Volleyball player in my family of 6, I myself have definitely struggled to get into a routine of exercise. The GYM included 2 basketball courts and 5 pickleball courts, we’ve hosted Archery Dodge-ball and NERF partners before, and we want to continue to explore new ways to get people up and moving.

Well, The future is fast approaching, and you might find it hard to believe, but competitive video games - known as eSports - are enormously popular and growing at unbelievable rates. Virtual Reality is still a young technology, but if eSports continues to grow as it has, we believe VR sports could be the future of athletics. Who doesn’t want to play video games, compete and stay active at the same time?

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